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Hi, I am Doug C. Brown founder of Vibitno and CEO of CEO Sales Strategies.

I designed this platform for…

…so they can close more sales faster, easier and make the process more efficient, effective, and repeatable. 

First, in the short video below, let me share the story behind Vibitno and how it will help you win more sales in a more effective and productive way.

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Let’s find out why it’s important to have the right sales tool to earn more money individually and/or as a business owner to grow the sales revenue for your company in an easier and more predictable way.

Based on my 35+ years of experience helping people to grow their sales revenue and profit, I noticed that…

There are 3 major challenges most people and companies face that prevent them from adding $$$ to their bottom line.

They are…

Not being effective in these areas takes a lot of money away from you, which reflects on your professional and personal life. And that’s really frustrating…

Which is why…

I designed Vibitno - to remove these challenges for you.

With it, you can…

Generate more prospects in a more automated way with messages that are effective and get a high response rate (compared to general messages).

Stay in touch with clients – even if you do not have time to do it – so you can build strong relationships and trust in your brand. This will result in faster and easier sales (not to mention, getting more referrals).

Get control over your (accurate) sales numbers and activities so you know what you’re doing right and what you can improve to get even more sales.

And… it will be easier to…

Shorten your client acquisition by sending personalized messages at the right time.

Minimize your competition by keeping your relationships strong with top of mind awareness, so when they need you, you are the first one they turn to.

Save countless hours of thinking about what to send and when to follow up with your prospective buyer.

Take care of your relationship after the first sale so you can get additional sales and referrals.

Prevent losing sales due to lack of relevant and effective follow-up.

Have clear and intelligent reports that give you an understanding of how you and your team are staying in touch with your potential future buyers.

All of this is important as this will help you to…

Never lose sales that belong to you again!

Now... let's talk about follow-up and how you make more sales with it.

You might think you are sending follow up messages already, but mass and generic messages are not enough.

Only unique, personalized, and relevant follow-up messages to each contact will help you to stand out, build trust and rapport, and turn prospects into clients faster.Without an automated system, this takes a lot of time and energy. This is doable if you have a couple of new leads per month. But what if you have 10, 25, 50, or even over 100? How can you create unique and customized messages for everyone?

Imagine if you had... a relevant, automated, and humanized follow-up system doing the work for you?

That is where Vibitno comes in.

Vibitno is designed to make your
personalized follow-up
easy, fast, and effective
so you can get and lock in clients for life.

It will....

Create unique and relevant ready to send follow-ups.

Schedule a personalized follow-up sequence based on your potential buyer’s response (or lack of it).

Keep you organized and consistent so your sales relationship will always be built on trust and reliability.

Give you automated reports on your follow-up status.

Allow you to use artificial intelligence or manual creation to quickly create templates and messages to send via email, text, and phone calls.

And much more…

Slay your competition!

Why does all of this matter so much?

To quickly win in sales, you have to do what your competition is not willing to do, and the Vibitno platform makes this possible. 

If you want this competitive advantage then…

Watch Vibitno in Action

Achieve Explosive Growth, Close Bigger Deals, and Spark More Referrals By Sending Enhanced & Consistent Follow-Up Communication (That Your Prospects Will Love Reading and Receiving)


Each follow-up message is customized and unique based on the prospect’s information and profile.


Send fun, valuable, and entertaining follow-ups your prospects will look forward to receiving.


In 3 simple clicks, you can send follow-up messages for weeks, months, and even years.

1,000+ Unique Follow-up Templates to Choose From

Get access to over 1,000 unique and persuasive email, text, phone, and voicemail script templates. You won’t have to write from scratch ever again.

You can use these to manually or automatically communicate with others 24/7.

You can also use these for personalized messages — like wishing them a happy birthday, celebrating their company or work anniversary, or congratulating them on a recent achievement.

Automated Follow-Up Flows, Sequences, and Branched Paths

Never lose a sale because you forgot to follow-up again.

Set-up automated flows and sequences. Our system creates personalized, relevant, and unique emails for each prospect you have.

Automatically send emails for weeks, months, and even years in advance. Once a prospect replies, you will be alerted so you’ll only speak with prospects who are qualified and ready to buy.

Proven and Tested System-Generated Messages

You can finally stop overthinking about what to send.

 We can do the writing, thinking, and even sending for you.

Create personalized follow-up messages within seconds by simply picking a template you like, entering your prospect’s info, and clicking “create”.

Every single template is based on proven and tested follow-up messages that my team and I have used to close over $600 million in sales in the past 10 years.

Automatically Create and Send Follow-Up Messages in Different Formats

You can send messages via audio, video, text message, (and soon, postcards and handwritten letters) – fully automated.

We’ll also show you what to send, how to send it, and even when to ask for the sale based on each prospect’s profile.  You won’t follow up blindly.

 You’ll get the data you need to enhance your prospect’s sales experience and grow your bottom line sales over time.

Get accurate numbers on your sales results and activities

You can easily manage your contacts, the stage of the sales process they are at, and the conversion rate of your efforts in every single stage. 

And if you are managing a sales team – you can finally get accurate reporting on the numbers and activities that you need to track. 

Create a Pipeline of Warm Leads
Who Personally Know, Like, and Trust You…​

Without Spending Hours Manually Sending Hundreds of Personalized Follow-Up Messages to Each One of Them

Find, Close, and Keep Clients for Life…

Predictably and consistently increase sales by 2X to 10X year after year

Only Send Messages Prospects Enjoy Receiving...

Start converting more skeptical prospects into committed buyers

Improve Each Prospect’s Sales Experience…

Lock-in better and higher-paying deals

Automatically Maximize Each Opportunity You Get...

Effortlessly attract more leads and turn buyers into recurring buyers

The above…

…is only a fraction of what Vibitno is designed to do.  

There is more and it will be more once we fully launch. 

The templates I am talking about are the same messages that helped me to generate over 650 millions of dollars in sales. I want them to serve you, too.  

Let me ask you a question…

Do you like the idea of winning sales and locking in clients for life?  

I believe you do.

So, let’s make this happen with Vibitno. 

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